Y.O.U(Young Original Unique)Details

Y.O.U(Young Original Unique) Event is an annual event aimed at developing self awareness and self discovery among teenagers. We believe many adults go through life not knowing who they are, why they act the way they do and what unique qualities they possess to be fulfilled. They become a threat and cause most of the criminal vices in the society. With our activity based training methods, designed specially for teenagers, we would refine and produce healthy, resilient, self aware young people of the society which we believe is the bedrock of growth and development in any society.

Our maiden edition was a success with our 60 young people attending. We made sure the event was owned by the teens. All our volunteers were teenagers and youths. One of the major highlight was the event decoration done by teenagers despite the limited resources. This shows alot of creativity within if they are given the space to explore.

Ayubapreye Majors is a development worker, a trainer/facilitator and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Hill Refined Academy. An online academy aimed at training youths on life skills for personal community and economic development. In September 2017 she coordinated the Be Y.O.U Event which would be an annual event for teenagers across the country.

She is also the creative director of Ebiere Textiles. Where she produces unique fabric designs and also trains people interested in the art of textile design.She is a lover of nature, arts and culture and wants to spread positive and colourful vibes all around the world.

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